Tekmar Group awarded significant contracts to supply subsea asset protection technology in the Middle East

Tekmar Group companies Tekmar Energy and Pipeshield International today announce multiple contracts to supply subsea asset protection and stabilisation technologies to energy companies and tier one contractors in the Middle East.

The combined scopes of work include the design, engineering manufacturing and supply of over 6,000m of TekDuct, over 3,000 ballast modules, 300 bespoke concrete mattresses, vertical restrictors and centralisers for the protection and stabilisation of subsea pipelines, umbilicals and power cables.

Working together under the Tekmar Group umbrella, Tekmar Energy and Pipeshield International have combined their unique yet complementary product offering to provide an increased value proposition to customers in the Middle East, whilst taking advantage of the Group’s regional presence and local manufacturing capability to deliver their technologies.

The recent project awards are a positive step forward for the Groups expansion strategy in the Middle East, with the goal of becoming a leading provider of subsea technologies and services for offshore energy projects in the region.

Alasdair MacDonald, Executive Chairman of Tekmar Group said: “Since Pipeshield’s acquisition in 2019, the Pipeshield team has integrated well within the Tekmar Group and are now supplying multiple projects alongside other Group companies around the world. It is great to see Tekmar Energy and Pipeshield International combining their shared knowledge and experiences to secure and deliver work together in the Middle East”.

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About Tekmar Group

Tekmar Group plc work together to provide market-leading technology and services to the global offshore energy markets. Tekmar Group’s primary operating companies are Ryder Geotechnical Limited, AgileTek Engineering Limited, Subsea Innovation Limited, Tekmar Energy Limited and Pipeshield International Limited.