Mooring Pile Design

Ryder Geotechnical

FPU Mooring Pile Design – East Java 

Sitting near the boundary between the Sunda Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate, East Java presents numerous design challenges when considering permanent moorings, with complex soil patterns in a seismically active region.

Using our proprietary inhouse mooring foundation design tool, we were able to fully appreciate the risk each variable posed to the mooring foundations, to ensure that our clients received an efficiently designed and cost-effective mooring pile, that satisfied API design requirements.

FPSO Mooring Pile Design – Sarawak

The seabed off the northern coast of Borneo presents a fascinating geological sequence, influenced by huge paleo flows and slides which have changed the nature of the present-day seabed. This has resulted in complex and challenging conditions for foundation design, and Ryder was able to support their client to ensure that the foundations for their FPSO Unit would fully satisfy API design requirements, including the potential for seismic activity in the region.

Ryder was able to use our proprietary inhouse mooring foundation design tool, that models mooring piles holistically to ensure that all variables are satisfied, reducing the need for repeat analyses, and considering design efficiency, cost, and safety, as a priority