Enabling the
Future of
Floating Wind

Photo courtesy of Principle Power



Floating wind is set to become a key part of the offshore renewable energy mix as new floating technology enables developers to harness strong and consistent wind power from deepwater locations. With much of the technology required for floating wind being adapted from the traditional offshore energy sector, Tekmar Group is perfectly positioned to help projects transition from concept to realization.

Tekmar works in partnership with DeepWater Buoyancy, a leading producer of subsea buoyancy products, to enhance the range of services and technologies we offer our customers.

We bring together our complementary engineering capabilities and extensive track records to provide greater value across the project life cycle, including:

  • Geotechnical Design & Assessment
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Cable Protection & Scour Prevention
  • Subsea Buoyancy
  • Bespoke Product Solutions



Floating Wind Capabilities

Geotechnical Design
& Assessment

Mooring Foundation Design

Foundation Optimisation

Route Assessment

Scour Assessment

Cable Burial Risk Assessment


Dynamic Cable Analysis

Mooring Analysis

Installation Analysis

Structural FEA

Inverse Catenary Analysis


Bend Stiffeners

Cable Ducting

Split Pipe

Concrete Mattresses

Precise Rock Placement Units


Cable Buoyancy

Mooring Line Buoyancy

Ballast Modules

Bespoke Product

Component Design & Build

Hang-Off Clamps

Disconnection Systems

Installation Equipment