Shah Deniz II – Design, manufacture and supply of bespoke turning bollards and frames

Pipeshield International

In 2019 Pipeshield supplied a number of shallow and deep water turning bollards for the Shah Deniz II project in Azerbaijan.

Contracted to Saipem Netherlands (Azerbaijan Office) the complex project involved the design, manufacture & supply.  The solution needed to perform at 250m & 500m depths but on bottom conditions were critical so extensive technical evaluation was required before the final design could be established. The design criteria had to conform to strict dimensional and weight parameters to ensure the solution was successful.

Pipeshield’s technical solution consisted of bespoke made bollards based upon a multi-drop bag concept filled with a specialist lightweight aggregate chosen specifically to meet the weight and density criteria calculations.

The turning bollards were designed to be installed in situ for up to two years, activated at the point of installation, and at the point of decommissioning recovered depositing the contents onto the seabed and the bollards themselves recovered to the surface.

Extensive factory acceptance trials were carried out on both bollard types, including the decommissioning system. All trials were carried out at Pipeshield’s new quayside manufacturing facility within the Port of Blyth.

Upon technical acceptance, Pipeshield proceeded to manufacture the 42no. deep water and 29no shallow water turning bollards in record time.

For installation and decommissioning, Pipeshield designed and manufactured two project-specific quick-release frames.