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We understand the importance of meeting global energy demand through a sustainable energy mix
therefore deliver our technology and services across multiple offshore energy sectors.

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    Offshore Wind

  • Offshore Wind

    Tekmar Group has been active in the offshore wind sector for over 20 years and is recognised as the market-leading provider of subsea cable protection solutions, along with engineering and geotechnical services.  

    We specialise in cable protection, stabilisation, hang-off solutions, geotechnical foundation design, mooring solutions, cable burial and route assessment, installation analysis, and the design and build of installation equipment.

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    Oil & Gas

  • Oil & Gas

    Tekmar Group shares over 35 years of industry knowledge and experience with operators and tier-one marine contractors around the world.

    Our deep understanding of the subsea environment drives the development and delivery of our technology and services for the oil and gas sector, including; emergency pipeline repair systems (EPRS), hang-off, stabilization, and protection solutions for SURF products plus bespoke back deck equipment. 

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  • Interconnectors

    Tekmar Group offers a range of technologies and services to de-risk subsea interconnector projects including cable burial and route assessments, installation analysis, design and build of lay equipment, and the supply of subsea cable protection, stabilisation, and hang-off solutions.

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    Wave & Tidal

  • Wave & Tidal

    Tekmar Group offers a range of technologies and services to the wave and tidal sector including mooring solutions, foundation design, installation analysis, design and build of installation equipment, and the supply of subsea cable protection, stabilization and hang-off solutions. The wave and tidal sectors harness the world’s most predictable source of sustainable energy and are expected to exceed over USD 10 billion by 2024.

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    Marine Civils

  • Marine Civils

    Tekmar Group has a strong track record in the design and manufacturing of solutions for marine civil engineering projects.

    We specialise in impact, soil migration and seawall erosion mitigation solutions for ports, harbors, outfalls, revetments and waterways.

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  • Telecoms

    There is over 1.2 million km of submarine telecommunication cable in service around the world and is set to increase with the continual growth of internet users and cloud technology.

    Tekmar Group provides a range of technologies and services to the telecoms sector including cable burial and route assessments, installation analysis, design and build of installation equipment and the supply of fiber optic cable protection solutions.


Our products and services are applicable to a wide range of subsea infrastructure.

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    Subsea Cables

  • Subsea Cables

     Tekmar Group provides cable burial risk assessments, installation and in-situ analysis, cable protection systems, stabilisation, and hang-off solutions for inter-array, export, interconnectors and fiber optic cable.

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    Rigid & Flexible Pipelines

  • Rigid & Flexible Pipelines

    Tekmar Group provides on-bottom stability evaluation, burial assessments, trenching optimisation, installation and in-situ analysis, subsea protection, stabilization, crossings, anti-scour solutions, emergency pipeline repair systems (EPRS), Pipe-in-Pipe Waterstops, sealing, gripping and clamping solutions for rigid and flexible pipelines. 

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  • Umbilicals

    Tekmar Group provides burial assessments, installation & in-situ analysis, subsea protection, stabilisation, anti-scour solutions and hang-off solutions for subsea umbilicals. 

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  • Seabed

    Tekmar Group provides a range of technologies and services for seabed applications, including; route design, survey recommendations, burial, scour and jack-up analysis, in-situ analysis of seabed infrastructure, seabed protection, stabilization, and anti-scour solutions.

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    Vessel Back Deck

  • Vessel Back Deck

    Tekmar Group specialise in bespoke vessel deck equipment including launch & recovery systems, auxiliary supporting equipment, multi-purpose handling systems, ROV tooling solutions, personal transfer systems and lay equipment. 

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  • Structures

    Tekmar Group specialises in geotechnical foundation design, mooring solutions, and hang-off systems for fixed and floating offshore structures.

Technology & Services

Our complimentary range of technology and services support multiple stages of the project life cycle.

Over 80,000

hours of geotechnical and engineering analysis performed

Over 30,000

bespoke concrete mattresses supplied


TekLink Cable Protection Systems supplied



Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS) delivered

Over 200

Launch & Recovery Systems delivered

Vision & Values


Our vision is to be the leading provider of technology and services to the global offshore energy markets.


Safety: Paramount to everything we do for our people, our customers and the environment in which we operate. We always aim higher than industry standards.

Heritage: Capitalising on years of experience and lessons learned to deliver intelligent solutions that we’re proud of.

Innovation: Apply our technical excellence, experience, and vision to engineer products and services that evolve with the marketplace.

Collaboration: Committed to establishing strategic partnerships to create robust and effective solutions that exceed expectations

People: Are the foundation on which the business operates through their integrity, intelligence, empowerment, and ongoing investment in their development.


Tekmar Group operates from 17 locations across 12 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North America.


Our clients include international energy majors, developers, operators, marine contractors, and subsea asset manufacturers.


Upcoming Events

  • Offshore Wind North East 2020

    Tekmar Group will be exhibiting at OWNE 2020 in Newcastle. Details to follow.

    November 05th
  • Global Offshore Wind 2020

    Tekmar Group will be exhibiting virtually at Global Offshore Wind 2020. Details to follow.

    October 28th-30th

Board of Directors

Alasdair MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer

Ali joined Tekmar Group in 2018 and brings over 30 years of offshore energy and plc experience to the board.

Sue Hurst

Chief Financial Officer

Sue joined Tekmar Energy in 2012. Sue is a Chartered Management Accountant with over 30 years experience in private and plc companies.

Christopher Gill

Non-Executive Director

Chris is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in the subsea sector. Chris joined the board in 2018.

Julian Brown

Non-Executive Chairman

Julian joined Tekmar Group in 2018 and is a prominent figure within the UK Renewable’s manufacturing supply chain.

Management Team

Fraser Gibson

Managing Director
AgileTek Engineering

Fraser is a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years geotechnical engineering experience. Fraser is responsible for AgileTek and Ryder.

Steve Rossiter

Chief Technology Officer
Tekmar Group

Steve is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect experienced in software development and business systems implementation. Steve originally established AgileTek Engineering in 2014.

Dave Thompson

Managing Director
Subsea Innovation

Dave is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years experience in the subsea engineering sector. Dave joined Subsea Innovation in 2014.

Steve Howlett

Managing Director
Pipeshield International

Steve establised Pipeshield in 1999 and has over 20 years experience of managing the company as it grew into a global market leader.

Russell Edmondson

Managing Director
Tekmar Energy

Russell joined Tekmar Energy in 2012 and has over 20 years management experience in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Jack Simpson

Director – Tekmar Energy
Chairman – Tekmar China

Jack joined Tekmar Energy in 2011 and was part of the team who grew the company from its roots to where it stands today.

Angela Lock

General Manager
Tekmar China

Angela joined Tekmar Energy in 2018 and played a key role in establishing the company in China.

Tom Howard

Group Marketing Manager
Tekmar Group

Tom (MCIM) has over 13 years of market experience in the global offshore energy and subsea sectors. Tom joined Tekmar Group in 2019.

Sarah Lenegan

In-House Legal Counsel
Tekmar Group

Sarah joined Tekmar Group plc in 2018 and has over 20 years experience in private practice and In-House roles

Pam Lamming

Group HR Manager
Tekmar Group

Pam is CIPD and PG certified and has over 20 years of experience in HR and L&D. Pam joined Tekmar Group in 2019.

Marc Bell

Director of Operations
Tekmar Energy

Marc is an industry professional with over 20 years of technical and operational management experience in the offshore energy sector.

Leanne Wilkinson

Finance Director
Tekmar Energy

Leanne is a CIMA Qualified Accountant with over 20 years’ experience as a senior finance professional and business leader.


  • 1985

    Tekmar Founded

    Tekmar was founded by two commercial divers working off the Norwegian coast in the O&G sector, initially providing a design consultancy service.

    In 1995 Tekmar relocates to Teesside and forms a UK limited company.

  • 2008

    Tekmar Energy Limited Established

    Tekmar Energy Limited is established in the UK as a dedicated design, engineering and manufacturing specialist of subsea protection systems for subsea cables, umbilicals and flexible pipelines.

    Tekmar Enery leverages its expertise gained over the previous 13 years in the O&G sector and responds to the demands of offshore renewables.

  • 2014

    Launch of AgileTek Engineering Limited

     Tekmar Energy Limited launches a new group company AgileTek Engineering Limited to offer advancements in subsea engineering analysis.

  • 2018 June

    Tekmar Group Floats on AIM

    Tekmar Group plc is floated on the AIM market (London Stock Exchange).

    This marks the next stage of the group’s expansion and development plan.

  • 2018 August

    Tekmar Acquisition of Subsea Innovation Limited

    Tekmar Group ignites it’s growth strategy with the acquisition of Subsea Innovation Limited.

    Subsea Innovation brings bespoke equipment design and build capability to the group, with a clear technology focus and a complementary customer base.

  • 2019 March

    Acquisition of Ryder Geotechnical Limited

    Tekmar Group company AgileTek Engineering completes the acquisition of Ryder Geotechnical Limited.

    Ryder adds geotechnical capability to the group and greatly increases project visibility whilst working at the front end of high profile subsea projects.

  • 2019 October

    Acquisition of Pipeshield International Limited

    Tekmar Group makes its third acquisition with Pipeshield International Limited.

    The acquisition strengthens the group’s technology offering to include bespoke concrete protection and stabilisation solutions, whilst extending the group’s track record in offshore wind and O&G.


If you’re passionate about making the offshore sector smarter and safer then there’s never been a more exciting time to be part of Tekmar Group. We are always looking for new talent to help us keep innovating in a broad range of roles.  

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  • Ryder Geotechnical

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  • Subsea Innovation

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  • Tekmar Energy

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  • Pipeshield

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